How to pick the best web designer?

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Written by Angie

Branding Strategist with more than 15 years of experience specializing in creating brands that attract ideal clients through logo design, packaging, and web design.

August 26, 2016

Finding a designer might not seem complicated until you talk to a few – you realize each one has a different style, different personality, price list and different ideas of what you need and must do. Some of them will scare you away for numerous of reasons, while some may open up your eyes to a new perspective on your business, it’s growth and potential. Yet it’s totally natural that you are looking for the best web designer…

How do you start? Always check your network first. You can also search the web, for example, “best web designer in Chicago area”. Personally, I like working with people I can meet with in person.

To pick the best web designer to work with you need to do a little homework.

Check their portfolio very carefully. Do you like what they’ve done so far or hate it? Do you think they can bring a fresh perspective on your business or the business you want to start? Keep in mind that usually designers final projects are a reflection of their clients’ style. Sometimes it’s worth giving them full creative freedom.

Check their references, LinkedIn profile (here is mine), ask for programs they use, do they use responsive (mobile friendly) themes (please – this is a must!!), how easy will it be for you to update the site, do you need to pay for it, if you decide to change the text a little bit or add more posts to your blog. Do they offer any training? Can they help with hosting setup or choosing the right provider?
I am sure after a few interviews you will have much more questions.

Those are all very important questions you should get an easy and straightforward answer to.

And when in doubt in search for the best web design please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact Kredo Design – We are Happy to Help!

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