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Are you a service-based business owner or a small business enthusiast ready to reach a broader audience and boost your online presence? Look no further than Kredo Design. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including website design, e-commerce solutions, SEO optimization, hosting, copywriting and brand strategy. At Kredo Design we’re about transformation. Our mission is to help you gain clarity, expand your vision, and build a brand that authentically reflects your core values. Our unique approach empowers you to eliminate limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, and attract ideal clients to your business. Together, we’ll create a brand that entices potential clients and sets you on the path to success.

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Helping entrepreneurs be found online

Brand Building

Brand Building

Creation of all visual and emotional elements necessary to craft the desired perception of your brand. From logo design, captivating visuals to strategically crafted messaging, we ensure you communicate your brand's mission and core values.

Web Design Services

Captivating digital experience that combines aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendly design. Our web design services ensure that your website looks  visually stunning and delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience.

SEO Services

Enhance your online presence through strategic optimization techniques, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, improving your website's visibility, driving traffic, and boosting rankings. 

Ecommerce web design services


Build an online store - customized e-commerce website to sell multiple products, connect to PayPal, credit cards and shippers. Add systems that help you analyze info and grow.

Copywriting Services


Build a compelling online presence with a strategic blend of captivating copywriting and engaging visuals. We craft content that captivates your audience, tells your brand's story, and drives meaningful connections. 

social media management

Social Media

Enhance your brand's online presence, engaging with your target audience, creating compelling content, and fostering meaningful connections that drive brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth.

Fast Hosting Services


Reliable and secure online home for your website, optimal performance, fast loading times, and technical support, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the technical aspects of hosting.

Website Maintenance Services


Ensuring regular updates, optimization, and security measures are implemented, providing a seamless user experience while safeguarding your website against potential threats.

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84 Lead Magnet Ideas for your website

Download this lead magnet idea guide for your website. Generating ideas has never been easier as all the hard work is done for you. Choose what sparks and attract your ideal clients!

84 lead magnet ideas

Branding and Web Design that Stands Out

Featured Branding + Web Design + SEO projects

Helping entrepreneurs create their branding and communicate their mission is my greatest pleasure.
Let me help you create a brand your ideal clients will love.
Logo design, packaging, website design, or business cards - lets ensure your branding represents You and Your company!

LuxArt Decor Tile Showroom Brand and web design

Lux Art Decor - Luxurious Tiles Showroom in Florida

Captivating brand strategy and website design for Lux Art Decor LLC that reflects the opulence and elegance of the brand, highlighting your exquisite tile collections and enticing visitors to explore and engage, but most importantly to visit the luxurious tiles showroom located in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Martofel Roofing Company web design by Kredo Design

Martofel Construction - Roofing Contractor in Illinois

Website design reflects the quality, expertise, and professionalism with a focus on showcasing the exceptional roofing services. Step into a world of reliability and craftsmanship that elevates expectations and solidifies Martofel Construction as the trusted choice for all roofing needs in Illinois.

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Strategy + Marketing Services + Web Design Tampa Florida

Every Element of Your Brand Must Entice

 -Logo Design + Website Design + Brand Strategy + SEO


Starting a business and wonder how to attract your ideal clients?


Want to make sure your branding is authentic and represents your cove values?


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options and decisions?


Are limiting beliefs holding you back from starting a business?


Are your projecting your subconscious limiting beliefs into your business?

Welcome to our web design company in Tampa, Florida! We are here to turn your vision into a powerful reality. Our mission is to help you pinpoint your target market and craft an irresistible branding strategy that draws in your ideal clients and speaks to their very soul, fostering strong connections.

We understand that sometimes fears, limiting beliefs or hidden stories can hinder progress. That's where we come in – to guide you through these obstacles and create branding that carries a compelling message your clients will easily comprehend, admire, and rally behind.

Our approach centers around authenticity, ensuring that your branding is a genuine representation of your personality, a magnet for attracting those perfect clients you've been dreaming of.

At our web design company, we believe that true heroism begins with taking action. So, let us help you take the leap and chase your dreams, because we know that's where the magic happens. Together, we'll create a captivating online presence that propels your business towards success.

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You have a website and it's not working?  Does it bring in new clients? Does it fully represent you and what you offer? This is a perfect opportunity to review it.

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Client Testimonials

Words from happy clients

Branding + Web Design by Kredo Design

"Angie was an integral part of our team during the creation and development of the Ecobolt brand of folding electric motorcycles.

Starting with brainstorming the brand name and designing our website, through creating marketing materials and sales networking, her knowledge and insight across many aspects of the business were invaluable."

Anders Stubkjaer

COO and CFO, Green Energy Motors

"Working with Angie has been a true pleasure.  She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, and the website she designed for my business is beautiful and functional.  She understands the technical aspects of building a website and has the marketing skills necessary for making it useful. Throughout our work together, I felt that Angie cared about my business and the clients that I serve.  She worked within my budget and gave me the skills that I need to maintain my website independently in the future.  Without reservation, I would recommend Angie and Kredo Design to other business owners".

Loren Goodman

Music Therapist, Prospect Music Therapy

"Working with Angie has been a great experience. She gets to know who you are and what you do and creates a masterpiece!!

She created the perfect logo and her ideas for the website truly aligned with the path my business is headed. I have a perfect website and blog thanks to Angie and Kredo Design. You can have one too - don't hesitate to give her a call!"

Linda Herron

Animal Communicator, Fresh Spirit Works

Streamlined Branding + Web Design Process

What working with Kredo looks like?

Did you know that most websites are built without goal planning and in-depth research of competition?
Kredo Design works with you on all aspects of a successful business – confidence to share your message, authentic website, and a marketing strategy that truly connects with your ideal clients, and understood by search engines. Get confident about your website, ranking on google, and copy!

Confidence Building

Entrepreneurs go through emotional waves of success and defeat on daily basis. Working on mindset and confidently sharing your message is what will take you from a wanna be to a successful business owner.

Branding + Web Design

Comprehensive package that includes research, logo, branding and business strategy to ensure you have not only a beautiful brand + website but knowledge to stand out from your competition.


Steering your narrative to spotlight your business’s unique qualities, effectively communicating your mission, and illustrating how you make a difference in the lives of others! I

Start your Branding + Web Design project today!

Why choose Kredo Design?

Your ideas, business strategy, and goals are your "secret sauce". By working with Kredo Design you know who works on your project,  who has access to your platform, and who keeps all information confidential. There are no offshore designers, no hidden fees, or royalties.

High Quality Designer

High Quality

Great experience in branding, packaging design, web design, and social media marketing.

Responsive Design

Websites built by Kredo Design work great on desktop and mobile devices.

Trusted Designer


Testimonials speak volumes. Visit Facebook or Google page for more reviews from clients like Macy's, Hyatt or PepsiCo.

Honest Designer


Straightforward information to help you make educated decisions throughout the design process, marketing, and launch.







Attract Your Ideal Clients

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Let’s clarify your vision, distinguish branding strategy, and create a website that your clients love!
Is fear holding you back? Let’s work on your limiting beliefs and confidence too! Wether you think of  cost of a website design, quality or have your own ideas that just need to be put online – I am here.

There are 253,768,092 adults in USA. How are you showing up for them?

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84 lead magnet ideas for your website

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