Poem by Heather Garcia-Career Strategist at Career Coach Mo Faul

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Written by Angie

Branding Strategist with more than 15 years of experience specializing in creating brands that attract ideal clients through logo design, packaging, and web design.

August 26, 2017

There comes a time when somebody else writes a poem about you! This time Heather Garcia – Career Breakthrough Strategist at Career Coach Mo Faul – wrote one about me ūüėČ

Angie, my dear, your heart is so true

Your superhero cape is a beautiful, deep hue!

Designing and a bit oily can barely describe

The awesome woman you are deep down inside!

Heather in her own words –

“I’m a woman on a mission to learn to love myself unconditionally and open my heart to new experiences,
and love a WHOLE lot more along the way!”

Big Thank you! to Heather Garcia – Career Strategist at Career Coach Mo Faul

With that, we should all allow ourselves to be fun, creative and not perfect!
Perfection is boring! The path to perfection, however, is filled with lessons, smiles, and accomplishment!

A word of explanation – Superhero was an older theme I was following for the website. My intent was to show that all business owners are¬† superheroes for juggling multiple hats, and more responsibilities, and more sleepless nights…. and share the unknown of what tomorrow will bring. In some way…



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