The NEW YEAR’s Mission!

The NEW YEAR’s Mission!

Here it is, and as always, way too soon and unexpected.

As we rethink what we have done, wanted to do or should have done we always come up with inner guilt. Some of our dreams and desires never happened while some unwanted circumstances happened way too often.

This year let’s change the scenario. Let’s change our perception on wants and needs. Let’s create the best year yet!

With that I reject the list of resolutions. That crazy list I create and even stick to the fridge on occasion but never follow up, never create deadlines or action steps.

This year I am going to create a mission board. Missions with timeframes, action steps and deadlines. With that I am allowing myself to dream so big that surely some of the missions would extend, overlap or… not happen. For when you dream big, super big – even if the mere 20% happens it’s still a great accomplishment.

In short –

create your New Year’s Mission – be bold, be brave, take risks!

Skip the guilt, and chase your dreams!

What are your missions?

Here are mine:
New Year’s Mission 1 – To inspire people to chase their dreams!

Yes, start that business you always think about, learn that skill you think is holding you back, or simply explore the world! Because it is here for our eyes to see!

New Year’s Mission 2 – To develop my design and web hosting business to be bigger and more predictable.
With that – never hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to help!

New Year’s Mission 3 – To write a book. The one I hold in my heart and on some of the scrap papers throughout the house.

New Year’s Mission 4 – To travel. Previously my resolution list has always had multiple locations without follow through. This year – action!

Glad I already planned a few things.

New Year’s Mission 5 – To embrace every failure life throws at me! This might be the hardest of it all. With 2017 I will embrace each and every failure as they lead us to wins!

Happy New Year!

New Year Resolution for 2016

New Year Resolution for 2016

With the New Year, we write New Year Resolutions.
We hope we will follow through with exercising, achieving our goals or travel hopes.

Let this year be different. Be easy on yourself – write three resolutions only and GO FOR IT.

Smile often, be happy, appreciate every moment you have!

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