Kredo Design recognized as a Top WooCommerce Developer in 2021

Kredo Design recognized as a Top WooCommerce Developer in 2021

Kredo Design has been named one of the top WooCommerce developers by The list of leaders was compiled based on the expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies. To make an assessment Techreviewer collected information about our services and client’s reviews. Their research placed us in the list of top WooCommerce companies out of over 600 competitors.

Techreviewer conducts annual research and regularly updates market leader lists. Analysts’ findings help those who are looking for service providers of complex technical tasks.

Kredo Design is known to be headquartered in United States, Arlington Heights. The company started its work 12 years ago – in 2009, and now specializes in web development, branding and design. Learn more about Kredo Design on their About page.

Kredo Design is a reliable service provider of high-class web development services and business solutions for companies of any industry. Possessing deep practical knowledge in various fields, the company helps its clients to solve their business challenges as soon as possible, while maintaining high quality and efficiency.

Kredo Design recognized as a Top WooCommerce Developer in 2021

Kredo Design recognized as top WooCommerce Developers

Kredo Design recognized as top WooCommerce Developer 2021


Techreviewer is an independent IT market research and analysis company. The platform helps to find the best companies that provide high-quality IT services for technical support, development, system integration, AI, Big Data, and business analysis. As a result of objective market analysis, the Techreviewer platform determines the most successful and reliable IT companies and makes top ratings for each of the service categories. Techreviewer’s ranking lists help organizations select the right technology partner for their business needs.


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Top 3 reasons why Responsive Web Design is important

Top 3 reasons why Responsive Web Design is important

Responsive web design – your questions answered 😉

Many of my clients ask what is responsive web design. They hear from their friends or other professionals that their website must be mobile-friendly, responsive, Google registered, and many other things.

It’s easy at that point to feel overwhelmed and confused. Then we can add other “fancy” words like positioning, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a typical person that has a dream of starting a business and really wants to move forward, open a company, and start a website design process that feels lost and annoyed. Not surprising at all!

On top of all that if you are motivated and met a few web designers you realize they add even more words to the mix to sound more professional and knowledgeable. With that – You – are more confused and often postpone the process as the process seems intimidating, there are too many options, decisions, and ways to fail.

And web design is only one aspect of starting your business – there are so many other things you need to think of, organize, purchase, learn, and figure out a way to support yourself and your family.

To make your life a bit easier I will explain the big soup of words like mobile-friendly or responsive web design.

As you surely know most of the phones on the market are “smartphones” – those that you can access the internet from and check out websites. Here is the first hint. Yes. The website is mobile-friendly if you can access it on your phone, and you can read it with no problem. (I am sure you have accessed many websites when you had to scroll left and right to see the full image or a sentence, or the image was cut off, or worse… on the tiny phone screen you saw the whole website and needed to zoom in and out like crazy to look through. This is definitely not a mobile-friendly website design).

So what is responsive web design?

Responsive web design and mobile-friendly website design could be used interchangeably. If you read into details you can find additional definitions but this is the simplest way to put it. It’s a website that is easy to use on all devices with screen and layout slightly changing pending if you are checking it on your phone, iPad, or desktop computer.

The good thing – a great designer will help you with all aspects of making sure your website can be visible and will format correctly. They will also help you with adding analytics, submitting your site to Google, and other search engines, and adding SEO. All those help you with positioning – which is being visible on Google, as high as possible.

To find out more about responsive web design and how Kredo Design can help you navigate through the process of designing your website – schedule your free Discovery Call with Angie Godlewska

top 3 reasons why responsive web design is important, web designer Arlington Heights

Why is responsive web design important?


Not a mobile-friendly design

Let’s be honest – Reason #1 87% of phones in America are used to search the internet. As of today, about 56% of organic searches to websites are mobile. Do you want to stand out from the competition and be on top of the Google list? I am sure you are.

If your website is hard to read on the phone it will scare away 56% of your customers. This is a very significant number.

In those examples you can see how hard it is to read and find what you are looking for:

Here is Reason #2 Google prefers it. And by “prefer” I mean Google ranks sites that are not mobile lower. Considering you want to have a successful business, you do want to rank higher and be visible to your customers, you have to follow some rules. Yes, the algorithm includes “mobile-first”, SSL certificate, social proof, and a couple of other factors, regardless you want Google to like you. Especially as 93% of internet search is done through said Google.

Reason #3. People. Yes, I said People. Most of us, before doing a larger purchase or hiring someone search the internet. Based on that research we either pick a different contractor, buy a different product, change our mind, or…. decide to trust the company based on their overall look, testimonials, ranking in google, etc. I do it all the time.

Do you need help creating a mobile-friendly website?

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Top Web Design Companies in Arlington Heights

Top Web Design Companies in Arlington Heights

Proud to announce that Kredo Design just made “Top Web Design Companies in Arlington Heights IL” list on

Check it out!

Hard work, sleepless nights, drinking lots of coffee, eating lots of chocolate and asking for referrals definitely pays off 😉

How did I reach “Top Web Design Companies in Arlington Heights IL” list?

I am open to suggestions. I know many talented designers and just being part of “the group” makes me happy. After all, we all have different styles, talents, ideas and that’s what makes each and every one of us so unique.

If you are looking for a designer that will not only make your website stand out – call Kredo Design!

Top Web Design Companies in Arlington Heights

Helping entrepreneurs build a brand that attracts ideal clients is my specialty.

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How to pick the best web design company?

How to pick the best web design company?

Did you look for the best web design company in Chicago?

Did you wonder which one of the web design companies in the Chicago area is the best, how to decide, who to talk to, what questions should be asked?

Large agencies are great for many companies- they hire an army of web designers, packaging designers, web designers, developers, programmers, marketers, account executives, production artists, assistants, directors, managers, on top of accounting and research staff. Great resource all in one place, especially if you have a very complex project. 

Before contacting the agency think about your objective, your budget, how you envision the timeline and content. Who is your ideal client and if anyone can help you clarify that? A huge downside of agencies for startups and entrepreneurs, however, is the big company politics, long decision process, and, of course, the price.

Angie Godlewska and Kredo Design is on a mission to help small business owners create a brand that attracts the ideal clients!

As a smaller company, we can help you with picking the right branding strategy for you including logo design, postcards, and all printing materials, help with web design, organic SEO, web hosting, social media marketing, and add recommendations for streamlining your processes. As a small company, we can respond to you faster, we can be more custom and fun! Read more about us and our services here

The biggest mistake I see people doing is wasting time on a DIY logo and website and creating a mishmash of images that don’t really align with the mission and company goals. Sadly, later they complain their product or service didn’t sell and wonder why. The answer is very simple- their branding didn’t attract or communicate value, or…. which is very common seemed like a scam.

Let’s be honest, how many times you didn’t buy from a website because it didn’t feel safe, trustworthy, or professional?  How many times you went to a meeting and after the meeting checked their website and didn’t start working with them because of what you saw? We often don’t want to admit (or are not fully aware) that on a subconscious level we judge people and companies based on their online presence, and by the unprofessional website, we judge the product as of lesser quality, even if that’s not really true.

How to pick the best web design company to work with?

1. Do your homework. This is crucial – truly do your homework – research the web designer companies on google, check their testimonials, portfolio and see if it seems like quality work. What people are saying? Do you like what you see in their portfolio? Do they provide links to their actual work or just have images? 

2. Schedule a 15-20 min call to chat. Considering you will have a person work on your logo and/or website take the time to chat. This person should get to know you and your ideas to create something that will be authentic, aligned with your mission, and attract your ideal client. Often times we can figure out fast if it will be easy to work with, if they think they know everything best or have an easy-going personality, do they seem knowledgeable and can explain things related to their work in a way you understand? And if they actually listen to your ideas.

3. Ask for referrals. Even if you don’t intend to call the referrals knowing they have clients and they would be happy to chat and share their experience is huge!

Side Note: Kredo Design is super proud to be listed in Expertise as Best Web Designer in Naperville in 2020 and 2021!

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