How to pick the best web designer?

How to pick the best web designer?

Finding a designer might not seem complicated until you talk to a few – you realize each one has a different style, different personality, price list, and different ideas of what you need and must do. Some of them will scare you away for numerous reasons, while some may open up your eyes to a new perspective on your business, its growth, and potential. Yet it’s totally natural that you are looking for the best web designer…

How do you start? Always check your network first. You can also search the web, for example, “best web designer in Chicago area”, “best web designer in Arlington Heights”. Personally, I like working with people I can meet in person, however, the last year has changed that for most of us.

To pick the best web designer to work with you need to do a little homework.

Check their portfolio very carefully. Do you like what they’ve done so far or hate it? Do you think they can bring a fresh perspective on your business or the business you want to start? Keep in mind that usually, designers’ final projects are a reflection of their clients’ style. Sometimes it’s worth giving them full creative freedom.

Check their references, LinkedIn profile (here is mine), ask for programs they use, do they use responsive (mobile friendly) themes (please – this is a must!!), how easy will it be for you to update the site, do you need to pay for it, if you decide to change the text a little bit or add more posts to your blog. Do they offer any training? Can they help with hosting setup or choosing the right provider?
I am sure after a few interviews you will have much more questions.

Schedule a 15-20 min call. This is a must. Considering you will have a person work on your logo and/or website take the time to chat. This person should get to know you and your ideas to create something that will be authentic, aligned with your mission, and attract your ideal client. Often times we can figure out fast if it will be easy to work with and if they are interested in your business, trying to get to know you and understand your vision, also, if they are trying to ensure you stand out. 

Ask about their skills. As much as many designers love to talk in jargon – can they explain to you what they do, their skills, and special talent so you actually understand. As much as it may not be so important during the initial call, during the web designing process you will need to make many decisions and their communication style is crucial so that you make an informed decision, not just follow their guidance blindly.

Ask about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and many designers include it in the price of building a website. If it is not included, and therefore Google won’t see your website correctly – you risk losing visibility online and the income. This is the risk I wouldn’t take! 

Ask about ongoing service. Knowing you can get help as your business grows and the same person that built your website can provide maintenance or hourly rate for changes is something to keep in mind, whether you want to use this service or not. Ask for the prices, as it will build into the project value.

how to pick the best web designer?

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If you are tired of searching for the “web designers near me” to find the right web designer for you, we hope these tips have helped solidify what you need and what to ask when hiring an agency. From CMS to SEO and all the letters in between, now you know the 13 mistakes people make when hiring a web designer, and how to avoid them.

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What should I write for my website?

What should I write for my website?

This is one of the hardest questions. Decisions, decisions. Where do I start? What should I write for my website? I found a web designer, and now what?

I always advise my clients to do the research. Look at your competitors, what they say, and… show on your site how you are different, better. In a sea full of ships, be the only one that stands one and attracts the ideal client. Don’t hesitate to show off your personality. After all, you want to work with your “ideal client” that will understand you and appreciate what you do and who you are.

When writing keep your website goal in mind – What actions do you want the visitors of your website to take? Is it to get to know you, email, or call you? Is it to find your store and buy your products? Think about your target market and what would make them buy your product or call you.

When answering “what should I write for my website”…

Keep in mind – you can try to please everyone, or make your “ideal client” happy, excited, and successful!

Will you make some people angry? Maybe. Will everyone like it? NO. And for most businesses this is the exact purpose – to bring in those awesome people you would love to work with!

I always remind myself that speaking to everyone is such a generalization that nobody will feel connected, engaged, and interested. Is this what you want?

So define your ideal client, and talk to them- how are you different, how are you better than other companies serving similar products, what makes you and working with you special?

And another great point. As you write for your site please keep in mind how your clients will be finding you – what phrases and keywords will they type into the google search bar? Will the content be easily understandable by them or would be more confused with your jargon? Would that make them contact you or move on?

But wait, if writing is just NOT for you? If the question “What should I write for my website?” is overwhelming or you simply don’t have the time to do it – there are options too. A copywriter can help you with the SEO-friendly copy once you figure out your target market, ideal client.

Please feel free to ask for referrals.

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