How to pick the best web designer?

How to pick the best web designer?

Finding a designer might not seem complicated until you talk to a few – you realize each one has a different style, different personality, price list and different ideas of what you need and must do. Some of them will scare you away for numerous of reasons, while some may open up your eyes to a new perspective on your business, it’s growth and potential. Yet it’s totally natural that you are looking for the best web designer…

How do you start? Always check your network first. You can also search the web, for example, “best web designer in Chicago area”. Personally, I like working with people I can meet with in person.


What should I write for my website?

What should I write for my website?

This is one of the hardest questions. Decisions, decisions. Where do I start? What should I write for my website? I found a web designer, and now what?

I always advise my clients to do the research. Look at your competitors, what they say and… show on your site how you are different, better. Don’t hesitate to show off your personality. After all, you want to work with your “ideal client” that will understand you and appreciate what you do and who you are. (more…)

Did you look for advertising agencies in Chicago?

Did you look for advertising agencies in Chicago?

FREE 30-min Branding Audit

You have a website and it’s not working?  Does it bring in new clients? Does it fully represent you and what you offer? This is a perfect opportunity to review it.
Don’t have a website? Let’s start the branding vision process.

Best Advertising agencies in Chicago area?

Did you wonder which one of the advertising agencies in Chicagoland is the best, how to decide, who to talk to, what questions should be asked?

Agencies are great for many companies- they hire an army of designers, marketers, account execs, assistants. Sounds all great. Theoretically, you have more people working on your project, you have more people working on creating your content and value of the project should be higher.

Before contacting the agency think about your objective, your budget, how you envision the timeline and content. A huge downside for startups and entrepreneurs, however, is the price.

As Kredo Design – a smaller company we can help you with picking the right branding strategy for you including web design, packaging design, marketing materials help with hosting, and social media marketing.

Business Strategy

Creating your business and ensuring you  communicate your mission so that your clients are your biggest fans. Kredo Design can help you clarify your path.

Website Design

Professional, fully customized website matching your mission and goals. Show off your authenticity, entice people to work with you and truly connect with your ideal clients.  

E-Commerce Store

Build an online store – customized e-commerce website. Sell multiple products, connect to PayPal, credit cards and shippers.
Add systems that help you grow.

Brand Identity

Creating all visual and emotional elements to ensure we build the desired perception of your brand. 

Social Networking

Reach out to your customers with social media. Connect the outlets to your website to generate more leads and sales! Be known, be heard and  lead!

WordPress Hosting

Let me help you set up WordPress, install & setup all necessary plugins, & email accounts. Ask about maintenance packages.

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