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To run a successful business, you need much more than help with branding and website design. Listed below are a few suggestions of some of the business owner’s resources – products and services we love or use.

Business owner's resources:

    • A great tool that lets your clients view your real-time schedule and book appointments and pay online! Acuity Scheduling
    • Are you ready to grow and hire new people? Check this service to help you with all the forms and hassle including contracts, invoicing, and payments. Bonsai
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Small Business Administration

Another great business owner’s resource – amazing and helpful people – mentors, business loan advisors.

  • Scared of hackers? You should be. Create strong passwords with this service.  Password Generator
  • Get feedback from your clients without calling them. Survey Monkey
  • A tool that allows you to organize your projects into completed, pending and in-progress while collaborating with your Team. Trello
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Money Management Tool

Mint help with the integration of all of your accounts, budgeting, picking options to invest, make more income and improve FICO score? Mint
  • Get feedback from your clients without calling them. Survey Monkey
  • A tool that allows you to organize your projects into completed, pending and in-progress while collaborating with your Team. Trello
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Young Living Products

For all those asking me about all the essential oils I am obsessed with – use this link to get them at 24% discount.  Essential Oils

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My name is Peter Sven Dabrowski and I’m the President of Progress for Poland, online newspaper since 1997. Angie Godlewska of Kredo Design Services has helped my company tremendously with our website. It had been attacked by hackers several times in the past. When Angie took over it had been blacklisted for viruses and spamming, the editors had problems logging in and the readers often complained they could not read it on their phones. Thanks to Angie we are no longer blacklisted and everyone is very happy with how the site looks and works. We’ve had multiple readers reach out and congratulate us on the design and ease of use. She even helped us redesign our logo. My partners and I couldn’t be happier with the new design and are very thankful for all of the hard work and dedication. In my life I’ve been involved in many political campaigns in different countries, even as a presidential senior campaign adviser. I can ensure you that if I am involved again in those political battles I’ll depend on Angie’s experience. Smart, responsible and intelligent woman you can trust. Visit us at progressforpoland.com. Peter Dabrowski

President, Progress For Poland

I have had the pleasure of working with Angie on this project for several months and have been very happy with her work. We are in the process of updating our packaging and ancillary materials to a unified brand look. She has strong design and layout skills and also a good eye for detail and accuracy, plus she works quickly! Because of her attention to detail and consistency, we relied on Angie to update our visual standards to make it more complete and easier to use. She also helped us with the layout and production of our 2017 educational catalog, where she worked on page layout, image retouching, and file preparation. Angie is personable and easy to work with, and can be counted on to complete work quickly and accurately. If I am ever in need of a designer for any upcoming projects, I would not hesitate to hire Angie. Cindy Hilliard

Design Manager, Learning Resources

Great reads!!

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“You are Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or to Dream a New Dream”.

Les Brown

“Every Day Thousands of People Bury Good Ideas Because They are Afraid to Act on Them.
And Afterwards, the Ghosts of These Ideas Come Back to Haunt Them”.

David J. Schwartz


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