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I am one of the lucky people who can say “I love what I do”.

My work at Kredo Design Services, Inc. is my hobby and my passion at the same time.

I am a graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience specializing in packaging
and web design
. I get to observe, follow or break trends, and create compelling designs.
It is fun to come up with colors to be used on a box of chocolates, for example, think about
the photography or illustration that would be required, and art direct the photo shoot when necessary. Finally seeing the finished packaged product on store shelves. I love it.
I continually learn and challenge myself and it’s never boring.

(Here I could write an ode to all those nights I spent learning, staring at the computer, or searching on how to implement my idea. As a true problem solver, I always believe that if an idea came to my mind there has to be a way to make it work.)

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My design process is very simple:

Research  >  Idea >  Concept Development  >  SUCCESS


Photoshop:              
Illustrator:                 
InDesign:                  
WordPress:              
Joomla:                
Drupal:                  

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My favorite drink: Coffee. ( this )

My favorite food: Thai food – Pad See Ew.

My favorite snack: Chocolate and pineapple fruit bars. ( those )

My favorite smell: Young Living essential oil – Clarity. ( this )

My favorite book: Code of The Extraordinary Mind. ( this )

My favorite toy: My computer. At times my phone is winning.

My best productivity tip: Turn off Facebook on the phone.
Yes, I should sign up to Facebook Anonymous. ( Join our FB page )

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Angie performed proofreading, translation, and typesetting work as a member of our graphics and typesetting team. The quality of her work was excellent often going beyond what we expected of her. Angie goes to extra length to do great work and would be a valuable member of any team that brought her on board.

Thomas Anderson

Director, Production, Extension Society

“We Either Make Ourselves Miserable, or We Make Ourselves Strong. The Amount of Work is The Same”. 

Francesca Reigler

What We Do

Print & Web Design

Let us help you with all of your print
and web design projects while you concentrate on other aspects of your business. Design that is appealing to your customers and easy for you to manage is our SuperSkill.


Online store – customized e-commerce website solutions for a small or medium size company. Sell multiple products, connect to PayPal, credit cards and shippers. Bonus- 2 hr training on how to add products.

WordPress Hosting

Let us help you set up WordPress, install & setup recommended plugins,
& set up your email accounts. Leave the tricky work to us. Starting a WordPress website/blog is easy with Kredo Design Services, Inc.

Social Networking

Reach current & new customers with social media. Connect your website or blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google or other services. Be known & be heard. Be a leader – be a Superbrand!

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”. 

Walt Disney

“Don’t Follow your Dreams; Chase Them”. 

Kunal Patel

Peter Sven Dabrowski
President / www.ProgressforPoland.com 

My name is Peter Sven Dabrowski and I’m the President of Progress for Poland, online newspaper since 1997. Angie Godlewska of Kredo Design Services has helped my company tremendously with our website. It had been attacked by hackers several times in the past. When Angie took over it had been blacklisted for viruses and spamming, the editors had problems logging in and the readers often complained they could not read it on their phones. Thanks to Angie we are no longer blacklisted and everyone is very happy with how the site looks and works. We’ve had multiple readers reach out and congratulate us on the design and ease of use. She even helped us redesign our logo. My partners and I couldn’t be happier with the new design and are very thankful for all of the hard work and dedication. In my life I’ve been involved in many political campaigns in different countries, even as a presidential senior campaign adviser. I can ensure you that if I am involved again in those political battles I’ll depend on Angie’s experience. Smart, responsible and intelligent woman you can trust.Visit us at progressforpoland.com.

Linda Herron
Fresh Spirit Works / www.freshspiritworks.com

My name is Linda Herron and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Animal Communicator and the owner of Fresh Spirit Works. Working with Angie has been a great experience. She gets to know who you are and what you do and creates a masterpiece!! She created the perfect logo and her ideas for the website truly aligned with the path my business is headed. I have a perfect website and blog thanks to Angie and Kredo Design and you can have one too – don’t hesitate to give her a call!

Cindy Hilliard
Design Manager / Learning Resources / www.learningresources.com

I have had the pleasure of working with Angie on this project for several months and have been very happy with her work. We are in the process of updating our packaging and ancillary materials to a unified brand look. She has strong design and layout skills and also a good eye for detail and accuracy, plus she works quickly! Because of her attention to detail and consistency, we relied on Angie to update our visual standards to make it more complete and easier to use. She also helped us with the layout and production of our 2017 educational catalog, where she worked on page layout, image retouching, and file preparation. Angie is personable and easy to work with, and can be counted on to complete work quickly and accurately. If I am ever in need of a designer for any upcoming projects, I would not hesitate to hire Angie.

Susie Toro
Creative Manager / Society of Actuaries / www.soa.org 

I have worked with Angie over many years. Angie is pleasant work with and she tackles all assignments with dedication and focus. She has strong organizational and production skills. Her positive attitude, work ethic and expertise were a huge asset to the SOA branding team. If I am ever in need of a designer for any upcoming projects, I would not hesitate to hire Angie.

Thomas Anderson
Director, Production Manager / Extension Society

Angie performed proofreading, translation, and typesetting work as a member of our graphics and typesetting team. The quality of her work was excellent often going beyond what we expected of her. Angie goes to extra length to do great work and would be a valuable member of any team that brought her on board.

Kevin Keene
Art Director / SailPointe Creative Group | division of Federated Group / http://sailpointecreative.com 

I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside, and as well, to lead Angie on multiple projects here at SailPointe Creative Group. While working with her, I’ve found her to be extremely reliable and dedicated to producing visually appealing and accurate art. Her drive to excel in whatever project she’s involved in is wonderfully refreshing and admirable. I considered myself lucky when I was recently told she would be included in a team of artists who’ll be assisting me complete a large project plagued with many tight deadlines. I’m glad our paths have crossed and would never have to even think twice about whether I would recommend her for any position/project she may be faced with.

Richard Jennings
Financial services marketing and communications professional / Society of Actuaries / www.soa.org

I worked with Angie Godlewska on the layout and design of the Society of Actuaries Reinsurance Section newsletter, Reinsurance News. She always does first-rate work under tight timeframes, and provides quick turnaround. I am happy to recommend Angie.

Anders Stubkjaer
COO and CFO / Green Energy Motors / www.greenenergymotors.com

 Angie was an integral part of our team during the creation and development of the Ecobolt brand of folding electric motorcycles. Starting with brainstorming the brand name and designing our website, through creating marketing materials and sales networking, her knowledge and insight across many aspects of the business were invaluable.


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More than TEN years of experience
helping clients WIN BIG!
I inhale life, exhale creative spirit.
Love my work. Love art.
Love new and exciting projects.
Yes!!! A smile on a client’s face
is the best compliment.
I live for those moments.
Be the next one!


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