Hi, I'm Angie - Your Web Design Expert

I am one of the lucky people who can say "I love what I do!".

My work at Kredo Design, Inc. is my hobby and my passion at the same time.

I am a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience specializing in packaging and web design. I get to observe, follow or break trends, and create compelling designs. It is fun to come up with colors to be used on a box of chocolates, for example, think about the photography or illustration that would be required, and art direct the photo shoot when necessary. Finally seeing the finished packaged product on store shelves. I love it. I continually learn and challenge myself and it's never boring.

(Here I could write an ode to all those nights I spent learning, staring at the computer, or searching on how to implement my idea. As a true problem solver I always believe that if an idea came to my mind there has to be a way to make it work.)

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Angie Godlewska, branding, packaging design specialist, web design expert, Chicago Illinois
kredo design, website design, web designer, packaging designer, arlington heights, illinois

My favorite drink: coffee. ( this )

My favorite food: Thai food - Pad See Ew.

My favorite snack: chocolate and pineapple fruit bars. ( those )

My favorite smell: young living essential oil - Clarity. ( this )

My favorite book: The Code of The Extraordinary Mind. ( this )

My favorite toy: my computer. At times my phone is winning.

My best productivity tip: turn off Facebook on the phone.
Yes, I should sign up to Facebook Anonymous. ( Join our FB page )

My design process is very simple:

research idea concept development SUCCESS



Contact Kredo Design for all your branding, web design and packaging needs!

Angie Godlewska, Web Designer, Packaging Designer, Chicago, Grow your startup, Be a Superhero

"We Either Make Ourselves Miserable, or We Make Ourselves Strong. The Amount of Work is The Same".

Francesca Reigler

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Online store - customized ecommerce solutions for a small or medium size company, including connecting to PayPal. Check out some of our examples in the portfolio.

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Let us help you set up WordPress, install & setup recommended plugins, & set up your email accounts. Leave the tricky work to us. Starting a WordPress website / blog is easy with Kredo Design, Inc.

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Reach current & new customers with social media. Connect your website or blog to Facebook, Twitter or other services. Be known & be heard. Be a leader - a Superbrand!

"If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It".

Walt Disney
Angie Godlewska, Web Designer, Packaging Designer, Chicago, Grow your startup, Be a Superhero

"Don't Follow your Dreams; Chase Them".

Kunal Patel
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